Short on time, talent, logistics, knowledge…desire? 

I turn your marketing to-do’s into “all dones.”

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Here’s how I’m going to help you make your marketing life more awesome – and easier!

Are you a small business owner who’s overwhelmed by marketing your business?

You probably have enough on your plate just running the business. Your focus is on doing what you know, offering the excellent product or service that is your business.

Maybe you know you “should” market, but don’t have time. Or you don’t know what to say. Maybe you’re not even sure what your message is.

For many business owners, this is just the way it is – they’ll get to marketing when they get to it. And you know how that goes….

But here’s a solution.

Hi, I’m Karen Kanakanui and I am primarily a copywriter and marketing consultant.

Think of me as your virtual marketing department. I work for companies ranging from just a few employees to those with over 100.  Most of these companies don’t have a dedicated marketing department, which is where I come in.

Most of my clients appreciate that I become involved in their business, get to know what they do very well, so that I can add value at every turn. I don’t approach projects as one-offs, although I can offer that service. I enjoy working with companies for the long term,

How else can I help you? Learn more about my services here…