Case studies

As a marketing tool, case studies are very effective. They basically tell the story of how your product or service solved a problem for a customer. And what makes case studies different from all other marketing that you produce – and what makes them so effective – is that they let your customer speak about your product or service.  And a “real-life” customer or client can bring great credibility to your message, your story.

My approach to case studies is two-fold – I can actually create the case studies by interviewing your clients/customers and then writing the case study.  But I can also take a written case study – whether I’ve written it or not – and convert it into a slide presentation with narration – instant video!

Here is an example of a case study I’ve created for business:
Aspen Golf Case Study

And here’s an example of a case study where I created the print version first, and then turned it into a video:
Print Case Study – Lodestone (Aspen Golf)

Video Case Study – Lodestone (Aspen Golf)