Karen first discovered the power of the human voice to connect with an audience when she was a classical music announcer on a public radio station. Over two years, Karen built a loyal audience and raised $4,000 in a two-hour show during the station’s first ever fundraising effort. Without meaning to, Karen discovered a link between a warm, professional, voice message and—money!

Karen loved radio and the audience connection. To expand that vista, she returned to graduate school and got a master’s in TV/Radio/Film from Syracuse University.

After graduation, Karen moved to LA, where she was an associate editor at a music industry trade magazine before landing at Universal Studios. Over fourteen years, Karen worked in various capacities, eventually managing a group of desktop support professionals for Universal Pictures. And yes, she walked on a few red carpets and did see a lot of TV and movie stars walking around the lot!

At Universal Pictures, Karen was a visionary, relating to her clients in ways that showed she understood the challenges of both the big picture (the film business) and their specific department. She was able to bring solutions to solve their business challenges in the form of cutting-edge technology and software development.

Although Karen liked the film business, and was well-liked by the film directors, producers, and actors, Karen’s roots finally called her back to West Virginia. But what’s a big-city girl supposed to do back in small-town WV? Build a virtual copywriting business!

Starting with her contacts in California and by pursuing two traditional online business-building techniques—writing articles and publishing newsletters—Karen was able to find clients across the United States—and then find others in her own backyard as well. At the same time, Karen began to see the potential of using the Internet multimedia capabilities to tell a sales story. She was drawn to audio and video, as well as the written word, and explored ways to bring them together.

Today, based in Raleigh, NC, Karen brings her many years of experience and success to her target market of small businesses in the Triangle area and beyond. She helps her clients tell their business stories in compelling ways that generate leads, engage audiences, and increase profits!

Karen draws on her experience as a voiceover artist and online copywriter to create success stories that can be showcased in social media, video, direct mail, and more. She believes that every business has a story to tell and her mission is to help companies persuasively tell their stories, resulting in much greater impact and, ultimately, what all businesses want—sales.

Now that you know a little more about Karen Kanakanui, why not get a taste of our work and look at a few samples?